Our Company

About NuGreen

To start, what’s the deal with the name?  NuGreen represents the following:

  • A new way to earn a living and provide jobs for people in Washington.  The cannabis economy is sure to explode and Washington state is at the very front of this movement.  NuGreen is thrilled to be one of these pioneers.
  • This new, “green” economy will need new, innovative ways to enjoy cannabis.  NuGreen recognized this from the very first time notes about our business were written to paper.  NuGreen is creative and innovative about how cannabis is enjoyed, but also recognizes “old school” ways of enjoyment remain at the core of what we do.  Stay tuned for more and to learn about some exciting products that are coming soon!
  • NuGreen wishes to have a true, unique approach to being a “green” company.  Beginning with organic farming techniques utilized from the start and being cognizant not to waste many things – this will be the platform we use to eventually be a company that uses LED lighting, solar energy and anything it can possibly do to reduce our carbon footprint and become greener and greener.  One of our goals is to prove that we can gain true recognition as a green company.


NuGreen was blessed to have one of the first Production and Processing licenses in the state of Washington.  The journey began by being fortunate enough to find a very cool, almost perfect and cozy warehouse space on the east side of downtown Spokane, WA.  We walked in, looked around, put our heads together and crafted a grow space that was imaginative, high-quality but also economical and conducive with the mission of our name, NuGreen.

We assembled a top-flight, talented and passionate team with a singular vision: figure out how to do things the way WSLCB wanted them done, then work hard to become a gold standard.  We instantly liked Washington’s desire to have strong regulation and oversight because it is not only the right thing, but it also transitions into safe, consistent, seed-to-sale product for those 21 years old or older – exactly in alignment with our own goals!  We were totally excited about being awarded a license to grow marijuana, but we also knew it came with massive responsibility.  At NuGreen, there’s never a day that goes by that we don’t take our responsibility and roles seriously. It’s that important.

With great responsibility comes great product!!  We take all of the aforementioned things about ourselves and our company and craft really amazing cannabis products.  We work with about a dozen beautiful strains that represent what we are trying to achieve in the marketplace: high quality organic-growing practices and amendments, strains that are balanced in THC and CBD that reward customers with fantastic flavor, smell and effectiveness. Like those artisans that work with good wine and cigar products, we don’t cut corners or seek short cuts. We are serious about getting top quality product to the customer who purchases the NuGreen brand.  We want their NuGreen experience to be one that they enjoy and will seek again.  We have many years of talent and knowledge within the NuGreen family to assure we hit our mark.

The journey and adventure continues, and we are incredibly proud to be one of the most successful Tier-2 indoor growers in the state.  Feels good and confirms that our mission is on the right path, but there is much, much more to do.  We hope you will check in often and see how this crazy ride continues to develop.  Thanks for visiting!